No5 Church Lane



The Spire’s central location places guests in the heart of Queenstown’s cosmopolitan precinct, including its incredible culinary scene. Although there are over 150 bars, restaurants and cafes to choose from in the city, one of Queenstown’s best is right at your fingertips.


Lead by Head Chef Trent Watson, No5 Church Lane features handcrafted dishes and locally sourced produce, drawing inspiration from near and far to serve food that is both traditionally Kiwi and internationally influenced.

No5’s dining service is constantly evolving, reflecting our commitment to fine food and innovation. Watson has previously won awards for his experimental and meat-based dishes, including the New Zealand inspired Te Anu Lamb and Beef. Staying conversant with food and service trends, our latest menu reflects a diversion from Queenstown’s meat-focused scene. Head Chef, Trent Watson, has created a range of innovative vegetarian and plant-based dishes to our menu of outstanding re-imagined traditional New Zealand cuisine. Try our ‘Trust The Chef’ option and let our chefs lead you through a multi-course culinary experience of locally sourced, award winning dishes.

The No5 restaurant’s close counterpart is its adjoining bar. Frequented by our guests and Queenstown revelers alike, the bar is headed by Assistant Food and Beverage Manager Shaun White. White’s influence has ensured the menu features hand-selected Central Otago wines and a signature cocktail listed revered for its use of fine spirits and locally-produced ingredients. No5 also offers a premium spirit selection and an array of boutique New Zealand artisan beers.